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This section of our website gives you a chance to get up-to-date on happenings and the latest news from Good Shepherd United Church of Christ.

Our Shepherd's News section is the area where we provide information on recent goings on, upcoming events and news of note about the church.  You'll find details about special worship services, social events and stories of interest and importance to the members and friends of Good Shepherd UCC.  We encourage you to check Shepherd's News regularly for the latest information about GSUCC. 

Our Calendars section includes two different calendars for your reference. 

The Church Calendar includes listings for all the activities involving GSUCC, including special worship services, ministry meetings, special activities and more.  If it has something to do with GSUCC, you'll find it on the Church Calendar.

Our Facility Calendar includes all of the activities for GSUCC as well as other events taking place on the church grounds.   We share our facilities with our friends from Good Shepherd Presbyerian Church, as well as organizations that conduct activities such pre-school programs and girl scout meetings.  For a full look at everything that is happening at the main church buildings, as well as our adjoining offices on High House Road, visit this calendar -- especially if you are interested in scheduling something at the church.  A visit to this calendar can help prevent schedule conflicts.

To get caught up on recent events at Good Shepherd, we encourage you to visit the Newsletters section of the website. 

You can read our most recent newsletter here.

We've also archived the last few years of our monthly publications and you can find them in the Newsletter section.
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