Shepherd’s Garden

Good Shepherd United Church of Christ has an amazing garden in the heart of Cary right on our church grounds behind the Education Building! Each year, the number of volunteers increases and the amount of veggies we grow gets bigger.

Harvesting takes place every Tuesday and Friday during growing season, so that garden’s goods can be donated to the Food Pantry at Dorcas Ministries. With the consistently increasing cost of healthy fresh produce, the harvest provided by our Shepherd’s Garden volunteers makes a big difference in the lives of many families in Cary and surrounding communities.

Planting and harvesting continue throughout the growing season, with squash, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, beets, cucumbers and greens among the vegetables the garden produces.  Sunday School classes get in on the fun and work and have their own dedicated bed. Daisy Girl Scout Troop 4581, which holds their regular meetings at Good Shepherd UCC, also participates as volunteer weeders.

Under the leadership of GSUCC’s Caring For Creation group, well over two dozen church members volunteer their time and enthusiasm to help with watering, weeding, planting and harvesting.  The drip irrigation system installed in spring 2017 helps reuse rainfall and reduce the amount of additional watering needed.

Feel free to pay the garden a visit any time, to appreciate God’s beauty and nature’s bounty.  To volunteer, please contact any member of the Caring For Creation team.