Good Shepherd United Church of Christ
August 8 – We’re Back!

August 8 – We’re Back!

We left our church building in March of 2020 during Lent when we were exploring the theme of Wilderness. We had no idea at the time the depth and truth of the wilderness we were entering.

As we here in NC begin to exit from the wilderness of the Covid-19 pandemic we turn our attention to a new part of our journey— “making ready.” Making ready for the return to a joint physical space of worship (with a virtual option) on August 8 AND making ready for what God is calling our congregation to next.

Over the course of the next month, you will be given a variety of opportunities to enter into reflection and action on “making ready.”  On this first “Making Ready Monday,” we begin with two

  1. Reflect on the change and loss you have experienced in the last year. Journal, draw, talk with a friend, etc. using these prompts: What was the worst thing about this past year? What was the best thing? What have you learned?
  2. Sign-up to assist on Sunday Mornings. Worship, or liturgy, is “the work of the people” which means that we need you to help make it happen! From reading scripture to taking out the garbage we have a variety of ways you can serve on Sunday mornings. You can click HERE to sign up to help with in-person & virtual worship and the surrounding activities.
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