Good Shepherd United Church of Christ

Mission and Outreach

The purpose of this Ministry is to help the congregation “to celebrate God’s love for all people and creation” by sponsoring Church activities in ministering to the needs of the local and world community. This Ministry should focus efforts related to the 6 C’s, giving particular attention to Community and Cross-Cultural.

The Ministry shall be responsible for:

  1. Conceiving, choosing, prioritizing and implementing plans for the congregation to minister to the needs of our community, nation, and world with its time, talents and resources;
  2. Educating the congregation regarding social concerns and issues by soliciting ideas and offer training to members on ways they can get involved in projects;
  3. Maintaining a constant reflection on what it means to live out GSUCC’s Welcome Statement by providing opportunities for continuing education and understanding of how this Church can be a welcoming place for all people within the Church and in the community.
  4. Encouraging the participation of the congregation in special offerings (e.g., Neighbors In Need, Christmas Fund, Strengthen the Church, and One Great Hour of Sharing) and events that are in line with the tasks and objectives for the 6 C’s;
  5. Mobilizing Good Shepherd United Church of Christ to be a model of racial and ethnic reconciliation by embracing and celebrating diversity;
  6. Identifying and alerting the congregation of new and unforeseen needs and making Church programs and opportunities known to the community;
  7. Collaborating with and supporting the Caring for Creation Committee by informing and educating our congregation and our communities about the threats to creation and finding ways that we can help mitigate these threats. Help to develop good practices and to become good stewards of God’s creation and work for her renewal.
  8. Developing and maintaining the Church’s presence on the internet, including the Church website and all social media/networking sites.
Good Shepherd UCC