Good Shepherd United Church of Christ


The Deacons Ministry coordinates the lay ministry of the church by encouraging and enabling spiritual growth; by assisting in meeting the pastoral needs of our congregation; and by integrating new people into our life and ministry.

We serve by:

  • Assisting in worship and worship planning—we’re the one’s who prepare the communion elements, decorate the church, hand out bulletins, and help plan special services.
  • Coordinating care teams for those with chronic and/or acute medical needs to provide visits, food, phone calls, transportation, etc. as needed—if you have a need, let us know!
  • Praying regularly for and giving prayerful attention to the members of the congregation- we set aside time for prayer and each deacon has a set of members that s/he regularly checks-in with
  • Supporting our Open and Affirming Committee- we work to make clear God’s welcome and our church’s welcome to all.
Good Shepherd UCC