Good Shepherd United Church of Christ

Building and Grounds

The purpose and responsibility of the Building and Grounds Ministry is for the care, custody, and maintenance of the Church buildings, their contents, grounds, and other property belonging to Good Shepherd United Church of Christ.  The Ministry is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules for use of Church property established by the Church Council.  This Ministry should focus efforts related to the 6 C’s, giving particular attention to Covenant.

This Ministry is responsible for:

  1. Maintaining an inventory of all physical assets greater than $1,000 and purchasing insurance to adequately cover the property and liability, the buildings and their contents;
  2. Defining and instituting procedures for insuring the environmental health, safety, and security of the buildings, ensuring that the Church property is a safe and clean environment for all to enjoy
  3. Ensuring that all those with signature authority on the Church General Fund checking and savings accounts are appropriately bonded;
  4. Planning and scheduling maintenance of the buildings, including the coordination of periodic volunteer workdays;
  5. Establishing rules and procedures and coordinating the rental of the facility to Church members and outside groups. Leases over 30 days must be approved by the Church Council;
  6. Defining and implementing a procedure for soliciting bids for repair work, maintenance, modification, or other services that may be required;
  7. Receiving and disposing of material donations:
  8. Being the point of contact for receiving donations of furnishings and equipment for the Church,
  9. Making an assessment of the appropriateness, need and use of the donations,
  10. Researching and recommending to the Church Council the acquisition and disposal of substantial assets and facilities (valued over $1000);
  11. Identifying the tasks and duties necessary to sustain the day-to-day and week- to-week operation of the Church and assign responsibility for performing these tasks and duties;
  12. Recruiting and overseeing volunteers, employees, and contractors involved in the repair, maintenance, or improvement of the buildings and grounds (e.g., custodial care of the buildings, contracted repair or improvements, landscaping, and lawn care).
  13. Ensuring compliance with state and local codes and regulations pertaining to development on and use of GSUCC building and grounds.
  14. Working in conjunction with the Church office to schedule use of the facilities by internal and external groups, avoiding scheduling conflicts, and ensuring rules and policies for such use are adhered to;
  15. Working with the Church office to ensure adequate quantities of paper goods and custodial supplies are on-hand at all times.
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