Good Shepherd United Church of Christ


The Properties Ministry is responsible for maintaining and improving the church’s physical facilities. The Church’s campus includes three buildings: the main building and the education building, and the Church’s office building.  The main building and the education building are connected by a covered passageway and front on North West Maynard Road.  The main building contains a 48 by 48 foot room that serves as the sanctuary and a multipurpose room and an adjoining kitchen. The education building contains four classrooms and the library. The Church’s office is located in a house that has been converted into offices and meeting rooms and fronts on High House Road.  The buildings sit on 8.5 acres of partly open and partly wooded land. A dirt driveway connects the parking lot for the main and education buildings and the Church’s office.  The Properties Ministry also coordinates the use of the facilities including the renting to the buildings and rooms to outside organizations.
Good Shepherd UCC