Good Shepherd United Church of Christ

The 6 C’s

The folks at Good Shepherd UCC know that balance and focus are important parts of a healthy life, and that is true for the life of a congregation too.  Balance allows us to participate in a variety of activities which meet the diverse interests of our members. Focus keeps us from scattering our energies too broadly, allowing us to be more effective in our mission and ministry priorities.

Good Shepherd finds balance and focus through a unique model called The 6Cs.

Communion, Covenant, and Children relate primarily to the ministry within our congregation. We call that “breathing in”—nourishing our spirits and caring for each other.

Community, Cross-Cultural, and Creative relate primarily to our ministry outside our walls. We call that “breathing out”— sharing the love of God in all sorts of ways and with all sorts of people.

Breathing in and breathing out….balance and focus….The 6Cs help Good Shepherd to be a healthy, vital, energetic congregation.

Good Shepherd UCC